2019-02-26 23:42:21 GMT

Replacing dim car interior lights with led strips

Believing the current interior lights of my car to be too dim, I replaced them with much brighter led strips, 400 lumens in the habitable space and 400 lumens in the trunk, half of which is mounted on the door to illuminate the area outside when it is open, for a total of 8.4 watts replacing the 5 w5w bulbs which used 25 watts. I took pictures of the 5 watts bulbs but they barely registered on the camera, so no need to display them. What was used: - pvc profiles, both large enough to house the led strips and one being transparent - led strips, in my case: - 30 leds/m - 400 lumens - 12v - 4.2 watts (around 0.35 amp) - a soldering iron - solder - hot glue gun and glue - heat gun, to reshape the profiles - heat shrinking sleeve - screwdriver What was done: - remove the fixtures - remove the lights inside - solder some wires inside the fixtures to get that precious 12v - cut the led strips and pvc profiles to appropriate lengths in enough pieces to accomodate all fixtures - heat and bend the pvc profiles so they fit each other - make some holes in the pvc profiles to pass the cables - glue the pvc profiles to the fixtures - solder the led strips to cables, protect them with heat shrinking sleeves and connect them to the fixtures - plug the cables in the car - mount the fixtures in the car And for more details, here are the pictures: <center> [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cr)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cr) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cs)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cs) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/ct)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/ct) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cu)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cu) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cv)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cv) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cE)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cE) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cF)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cF) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cw)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cw) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cx)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cx) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cy)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cy) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cB)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cB) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cC)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cC) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cD)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cD) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cG)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cG) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cH)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cH) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cI)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cI) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cK)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cK) [![](http://spenibus.net/f/t/cJ)](http://spenibus.net/f/g/cJ) </center> Ain't it easy, eh.