2016-02-29 22:39:23 GMT

Mitchell and Webb - Party with Bane

Mitchell and Webb - Party with Bane =================================== 2016-02-29 20:37 UTC A parody of Mitchell and Webb's recurring dinner gag. *Webb* > Oh, we must invite Miranda Tate. *Mitchell* > Oh yes, she's become a real friend since she funded our clean energy project. *Webb* > She has. Although... *Mitchell* > What ? *Webb* > Well, I have the unshakable apprehension that she might bring... him. *Mitchell* > Who do you mean ? *Webb* > You know, the guy... with the mask. *Mitchell* > Ah yes. What's his name again ? *Webb* > I can't remember. When I tried to ask him, he said it didn't matter. But he was very keen to mention the importance of some plan he was working on with his buddies. *Mitchell* > Right. Why does he wear the mask anyway ? *Webb* > I think he has some sort of medical condition. *Mitchell* > Is it something like sleep apnea ? Would he die in his sleep without it ? *Webb* > I'm not sure. See, last time he was here, I had a bit too much wine and got a little curious, so I jokingly asked him if he would die if I pulled it off. *Mitchell* > What did he say ? *Webb* > He told me it would be extremely painful. *Mitchell* > That sounds unpleasant. *Webb* > Right. And you know how muscular he is, yeah ? I was still feeling a bit cheeky, so I told him he was a big guy. Do you know what he answered ? *Mitchell* > No, what did he answer ? *Webb* > He said, "for you". *Mitchell* > For you ? *Webb* > Yes, and you know how he speaks, very calmly yet leaving you with that uneasy feeling he might suddenly break you in half. It was very menacing. *Mitchell* > Wait, what did he actually mean ? That he was big compared to you ? Or was he implying he would hurt you if you took off the mask ? *Webb* > I'm not quite sure. I think both actually. *Mitchell* > Blimey. What a party crasher. *Webb* > It would really be nice to have Miranda, so I guess we can accommodate her friend. *Mitchell* > Of course. Also, did you find a location for the event ? *Webb* > Yes. Remember my friend Jeffrey ? *Mitchell* > The pilot ? Sure, what about him ? *Webb* > His company is lending us a small private plane for the week-end, we'll hold the party on board. *Mitchell* > Fantastic.