2016-09-02 21:48:45 GMT

Corsair Utility Engine v2 (CUE) - mapping a macro G key to launch a program

Here's what happened -------------------- Having just today come into possession of a Corsair K95 RGB Cherry MX red keyboard, I tried to replicate the setup I had on my Logitech G11 by remapping the macro keys to run various programs, except I could not find how to do so. I even downgraded to CUE v1 at some point because I thought it was simply not possible in v2. Then went I back to v2 on principle and somehow found the solution. Exact version of CUE is `2.4.66`. The solution ------------ >actions > create action > remap key > key function > shortcut Sounds simple when you read it but not exactly intuitive when going through the UI. See the following screenshot for illustration. [![1]][1] Guess we're done here. [1]: http://spenibus.net/f/g/bK/screenshot-20160902-223947-005116.png